Thank you, SPORTEC2023!

4 min readAug 25, 2023


At the beginning of this month we had the pleasure to attend the SPORTEC2023 Exhibition, in Tokyo, Japan.

It’s been a dynamic, insightful experience which allowed our team to better understand the direction that the sports industry is heading towards as a whole, rather than just on the more specialised level that we operate within. We had the chance to seize and engage with the energy, progresses, real needs and voices of other businesses, as well as casual and professional sportspeople, and other relevant individuals within the world of sports.

So what have we been doing more specifically, what have we learnt, and what should you look out for in the near future in regards to the sports industry? Find out everything in the next three sections of the article!

What we’ve accomplished:

  • Met in person with our collaborators
  • Met with prospective clients and explored new avenues
  • Discussed with new audiences and shared new, unique ideas
  • Talked through the latest developments and upcoming features
  • Collected feedback from visitors in order to improve our software and customer service
  • Identified and took consideration of the market strengths, needs and shortcomings
  • Currently, based on our research and experience gathered throughout the exhibition, we’re preparing exciting projects — on the way to be officially released soon!

What we’ve learnt:

  • Technology is the way of the future for the world of sports, whether it’s software or physical devices, the crafts never stop, and the wide range of ideas never ceases to surprise and intrigue us!
  • Sports Training & Management Software is becoming more and more sought after, as competition in the sports world is getting tougher, and since there’s many innovative and creative ways to gain an edge these days, such software is becoming necessary rather than just a luxury.
  • The Physiotherapy and Sports Health Industries are also evolving rapidly, with innovations from electricity massages, LED therapy for muscle or joint pain, rooms with enhanced oxygen levels, to carbonic ice therapy for improved blood circulation in targeted areas — these are just a few of the options athletes now have available to speed up their recovery periods and enhance their performance.
  • Innovations in the Field of Nutrition — Japanese pickled sour plum // 梅干 (and other interestingly flavoured) jelly drinks packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; alkaline water that can help re-establish the body’s optimal pH levels; nutrient-dense snacks; supplements with renewed formulas aiming higher absorption rates — are all part of the current trends in the Japanese and international sports nutrition scene.
  • Other Technical Devices, Appliances & Tools have also made numerous visitors and exhibitors curious. Here are some of the most engaging ones — wooden training board that recreates a surfing-like experience aimed at enhancing user’s balance and flexibility; bouncy chairs that help seniors and mothers with babies or young children to maintain good posture and create a sense of entertainment and connectivity within one’s community (including a safety feature to avoid accidents if the bouncing takes the wrong direction); LED therapy devices aimed at wound healing and recovery, at either skin level or deeper tissue, depending on the selection of light frequency and the choice of device in itself.

What to look out for in the next few months in the sports industry:

  • Healthier & more nutritious food, drink & snacks choices
  • Time saving training tactics solutions
  • Organising systems better customised to your team’s real needs
  • Connectivity & community initiatives
  • More emphasis on educational content in all fields (e.g., health, nutrition, technology, etc.)
  • Development and innovations across all related and complementary sectors of the sports industry — so let’s stay curious and keep an eye on what the future holds!

Thank you for checking out our article!

We’d like to share a biiiiiiig “Thank you!” to everyone that has visited us at our stand during the exhibition days and took the time to go through our products’ features and listened, asked, and shared their needs, understanding and vision for how we can integrate the Sunbears software within their team management and training initiatives!

We’d also like to thank everyone that has supported us in the journey to reaching this stage of our projects’ development.

And last but not least, another “Thank you!” to our wonderful Sunbears team, who has been working tirelessly and consistently, supporting and learning from one another, in order to ensure we keep moving forward no matter what, or how our slogan goes — “Together, we make it happen.” — and so we did! If you’re interested to learn more about the people behind the scenes and / or would like to contact us for collaboration purposes, queries or any other enquiries, please check the following page, which will redirect you to our website — Meet the team!





Driven by our passion for sports, we have made it our goal to contribute to the development of the sports world. // 私たちはスポーツへの情熱を胸に、スポーツ界の発展に貢献することを目標としています。