Sports and Our Development

2 min readNov 26, 2022


We all know that sports and physical physical activities are beneficial for our health in general, at any given age. But what’s even more interesting is how involvement in sports from an early age shapes our development later on in life, as adults. How?

Well… for a simple answer check out our list on today’s topic below!

For the Mind

  • Focus — Physical activities help with the brains’ ability to focus. This is particularly useful for studying as well as during practicing the actual sports.
  • Social Skills — Interacting with others, being part of a team, communicating our needs, problem solving — all these are skill that can naturally develop while practicing sports. Building healthy relationships with the team and coaches is also likely to reduce social anxiety while increasing confidence of young athletes.
  • Emotion Regulation — After the initial adrenaline rush of training or competitions, the mind will feel calm and relaxed which is a great way to manage emotional wellbeing long-term.
  • Creativity — Sports allow us to find ourselves in various situations where we need to think creatively in order to overcome and advance within them. These all help the brain create new connections and develop unique thinking patterns.
  • Discipline — The necessity of being punctual, respecting schedules, following advice, respecting peers, enduring training sessions, and planning for the future helps young ones carry these skills later on in adulthood, where these will greatly benefit them.

For the Body

  • Injury Prevention — Sports help kids improve their balance, coordination, and flexibility, all of which help them be more alert and prevent injuries both on a daily basis and while practicing the sport.
  • Good Posture — Physical activities most often help kids develop healthy bones & muscles which then help them maintain a healthy posture all the way into adulthood.
  • Body Weight Management — Sports require calories to be burnt and replenished, while regulating appetite and reducing cravings. These factors create good conditions for the body to maintain healthy weight levels.
  • Chronic Disease Prevention — The British Journal of Medicine highlights “that exercise can prevent chronic diseases as effectively as medication.”

And Then Some More Points Go To…

  • … our parents time-to-brag-to-Mr-and-Mrs-Neighbours!!! Not scientifically proven yet, but did you know how happy and proud participating in sports must have made our parents feel?

So with all these being said, can you recall how many benefits of doing sports have you or your children noticed along the way?!




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