Meet our new AI Chatbox, Onogoro! [4 simple steps to get started]

5 min readJan 11, 2024


We’re so happy to announce that we are releasing our own AI chatbox! We’ve even given it a name, Onogoro // オノゴロ! In Japanese mythology, Onogoro-shima is an important island in Shinto. The name derives from 自 (ono, “self”) + 凝る (koru, “to coalesce, to unite”) + 島 (shima, “island”). This is meant to symbolise one of our main missions here at Sunbears, to improve and contribute to our surroundings, our industries, our society and our environment through self-development and education, and the inner drive to share these with our peers, building strong, united, self-sustained communities!

Source: Onogoroshima | Myth and Folklore Wiki
Source: Gods, Salt and Earth | Catherine Aguillon

As we mentioned in two of our previous articles — AI in Sports: 5 ways in which AI is transforming the sports industry and What does ChatGPT bring to sports? — AI chatboxes, thanks to LangChain, LLM, ChatGPT are becoming increasingly popular across all industries, the sports industry being no exception!

And despite the fact that we do not intend to replace our direct, person-to-person communications entirely with an AI alternative, there are still ways we can all benefit from this new technology!

Therefore, we’ve decided to get going and ensure we provide our users with the latest advancements! Our AI chatbox is meant to improve the conversations outcomes and reduce the time in which queries can be solved, so that customers can have a simple and reliable experience on our site.

But how did we get to this decision, what are the things we considered, and what are the behind the scenes of the process?!

Well, what better person to ask than our Co-Founder, Attila Biró, who’s been leading this project with the team of developers!

1. What are the reasons for venturing into the world of AI?

“The world is constantly changing; new technologies are emerging at an explosive rhythm, and everything is accelerating. We have to keep up because time cannot be slowed down. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps us boost the speed of processes, perform complex operations, and understand or/and predict/forecast future events. We’ve always been an early adopter, addicted to new, emerging technologies, and we always believed in trend-making instead of following”.

2. What have been the biggest challenges in implementing this project?

“The DATA is always the biggest challenge. AI projects require large amounts of high-quality and reproducible data, professional support (validation), and professional interpretation of results. Moreover, even if all the data is in order, it is not guaranteed that the expected results will be obtained. Alongside this, adopting a novel approach and understanding the results that AI brings to professionals is always a challenge. Fortunately, we work with fantastic teams (e.g, Toyo University, BringUp! Academy, Sports Safety Japan, …), partners, sports and sports safety domain experts (see Sunbears Team), as well as researchers (e.g., Tokyo Institute of Technology) with whom we can make good progress”.

3. Data protection is a crucial aspect in today’s business operations. How do we ensure that our users’ data is handled with caution and in compliance with regulations?

“Data security and ethical issues are also a priority for AI. We design solutions in a dedicated environment with depersonalised data. Sunbears uses purpose-specific, reliable databases, industry-standard solutions, technologies, and a combination of technologies to meet the highest standards”.

Source: A Generative AI Primer | Brian Basgen | EDUCAUSE Review

And now you must be wondering, “How do I use this new AI chat to get what I need (or any AI chat really)?!”.

For that reason, we’ve put together a short guide to AI chats below! Check it out!

4 simple steps to get started with our AI chatbox

  1. What it can assist you with — Onogoro will help you navigate any FAQs and queries related to the site and app. Additionally, it is embedded with a Voiceover function, that turns speech into text, to ensure it will be as friendly, accessible and useful to as many of us as possible. It will also give customised answers based on which section of the site it is accessed through, or based on which team role or team member is addressing it.
  2. What to look out for when writing your prompt — Elements such as tone and style of writing, choice of adjectives and language used, topics, perspective, industry, role and purpose of enquiry are all important considerations when crafting your prompt to this (or any) AI chat.
  3. How to train the algorithm — Start off by having a clear purpose of what you need to learn from the chat. Afterwards, make sure you ask three times, so that it can understand your style of asking / interrogation. First time is for context — “Who” is asking (a trainer, athlete, therapist, etc.). Since the first time AI answers are generally not specific enough, a second and third round of specifications is highly recommended, to get to the real answer and make the most of its knowledge. When we get to the third time, it becomes very specific to the topic. And once the chat is prepared on this topic, it will already know how to answer accordingly (solve, what tech professionals call, “the hallucinating issue”). Therefore, through adequate role setting and context setting we can adjust the conversation to ensure we’re on the “same page” with our AI chat. These chats are usually set up to be asked individual questions rather than questions connected together, however we are approaching a technique in which information is connected to each other in order to improve the communication pattern and development, building up on each question and answer given.
  4. What to look out for after receiving your answer — Re-read the answer at least once or twice and don’t get discouraged if any piece of expected information is missing. Afterwards, we recommend revisiting the points made on Step 2 and double checking to see if all relevant information was added to the prompt. Add any additional follow up questions, specifications and clarifications. Don’t be shy! Ask away as much as possible and add in as many details as you can. The chat will be very very happy!!

That’s it for today everybody! Thank you for passing by! Hope to see you again on our site soon!!!




Driven by our passion for sports, we have made it our goal to contribute to the development of the sports world. // 私たちはスポーツへの情熱を胸に、スポーツ界の発展に貢献することを目標としています。